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Artison Parking

Artison Parking provides innovative ways to manage your parking spaces and more.

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Smart Cards Car plate recognition Spot finder Pay with Wallet Entrance History All together in Artison Parking.
Packages What comes with it?
Artison Card Reader

This device scans Artison Cards and sends necessary information to Artison Parking program.

Customizable Artison Cards

These cards and tags are equipped with RFID technology, and we can customize their design for you as you like them.

Artison Parking Program

This program will be installed on your computer, local network or servers to manage your parking.

Additional Items
Artison Wireless Card Scanner

This device you can carry around your parking and get information about cars, log a new entry, calculate prices, and control entrance gates.

Parking Gate

These gates will close automatically when parking is full, and allow cars to exit the parking after they pay.

Plate Scanner Camera

These cameras can scan car plates and register them in your parking automatically.

Fingerprint Scanner

Use fingerprints instead of Artison Cards to log new entries in your parking.

1. You can request that your logo and other useful information be printed in your parking cards.
2. There are various methods to authenticate people who enter your parking lot, you must choose at least one of "Artison Cards", "Artison Tags" and biometrics like "Fingerprint". Also, by choosing "Plate Scanner", you would not require any of other methods and only car plates will be scanned.
3. Items in `Additional Items` are optional, you can set up your smart parking using only the necessary ones.
Artison Parking Innovation Awaits You

Artison Parking organizes your parking spots so every single spot will be filled by entering cars.

Cloud Sync Cloud delivered security.

You can use Artison Cloud for your parking to save the information safer on the clouds or use your own local network for Artison Parking.

Auto Pay Pay from Wallet.

As an additional option, you can receive payments from your customers using their Techaran Wallet, a faster, cashless and more secure way to receive payments.

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